Research Papers
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CDM can catalyse Sustainable Development process in India
Measuring Progress toward Sustainable Development in Indian Climate Change Mitigation Projects
Climate Change Mitigation Projects in The Decentralised Energy Sector & Building Materials Sector
Promoting Sustainable Development through Climate Change Mitigation Projects (CCMPS) in India
Addressing a country's Sustainable Development Priority : Associated increases in profitability for the business sector
Climate Change Mitigation Projects in India: Incorporating sustainable development concerns (Policy recommendations to the Government of India)
Sustainable Development goals in host countries
An Indian Perspective of Climate Change Mitigation: Poverty Eradication Through Sustainable Economic Growth
Clean Development Mechanism : A discussion paper
Early Action Climate Change Mitigation Projects (CCMPs) as Early CDM
Policies and Measures for addressing Climate Change in Developing Countries with particular reference to India
Equity and Climate Change : Perspectives of the developing countries with particular reference to India
Global Warming and Climate Change
Global Warming, Vulnerability of Water Resources & Community Level Adaptation Practices in India
A new thrust in atmospheric OZONE research
Education, training & public awareness on Climate Change
Damage to Ecology and Mangrove Forests
Role of NGOs in the GEF regime
Promoting Renewable Energy in India
Water resources of India

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