Title of the Project : “Climate Change And The Poor: Removing Burdens By Linking Local Adaptation Needs to Policy and Institutional Structures.” 

Short title: “Linking Climate Adaptation” 

This interdisciplinary policy-relevant research project is to ensure that poor people benefit from adaptation processes, rather than bearing greater burdens. It brings together leading research institutions in the North (IIED and IDS) and leading organizations from the South (Senegal, Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, China and Bangladesh). This project supports an investigation of the kind of research and policy related capacity needs developing countries may need in the future as well as providing support for the capacity that already exists. In the project the Six developing countries did different case studies to bring to front their respective climate policy needs.  

The case study of India, by Development Alternatives, focuses on the traditional adaptation practices by the vulnerable communities in a drought prone area. They have evolved over the years, coping measures to increase their resilience against drought. Lately, the local NGO movement has helped them in taking further initiatives to cope up with such situation. Being in the thick of things, they are the best placed to articulate what policy and financial interventions are required to build their resilience and coping capacity against droughts.  

The study makes an effort to understand the role of traditional coping measures initiated by the communities. They posses immense bank of knowledge on traditional water management practices like med bandhis (contour bunds). Further the study identifies response measures and policy initiatives, already taken up by the Government and other stakeholders (Funding agencies, NGOs); analyses gaps in the existing policies and suggests widening of existing Government Programmes, including simplification of rules and procedures for availing the facilities provided under various policies/ programmes
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