The Climate Change Centre, came into existence during 1997, with a view to serve the specific purpose of addressing issues related to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. The core business of the Climate Change Centre is categorised under the following broad heads:

Core Business
The Climate Change Center's main objective is to make the industries aware of the climate change issues and motivate them to take up climate change mitigation projects. In this regard, the conducts outreach and awareness programmes, provides technical assistance to the industries for taking up climate change mitigation projects, and carries out applied and operational research related to climate change issue, climate change convention, Kyoto Protocol, CDM etc.

In addition to providing technical assistance to Indian industries, the Centre carries out capacity building programmes for other South Asian countries and provides technical assistance to industries in South Asian countries for taking up climate change mitigation projects.

Outreach and Awareness
4 Outreach and awareness generation on issues related to climate change conventions and protocol through roundtables, conferences and workshops
4 Issue based discussions
4 Contributions in national and international publications
4 Web based outreach and interactive CDs

Facilitating the Industries

In view of the capacity building requirements on climate change issues from a wide range of stakeholders, the Climate Change Centre provides following services to its clients:

Clearing House

4 Database on expertise
4 Database on technologies
4 Servicing information needs of host and investor country parties


4 Identification of partners and technologies
4 Providing linkages to reduce transaction costs
4 Assisting in negotiations
Advisory Services
4 Project formulation
4 Approval process

Capacity Building

4 Training
4 Institutional design
4 Networking with various national AIJ/CDM partners, NGOs, business sectors, industries in the developed as well as developing countries
4 Eligibility of projects
4 Emission reductions

Research & Knowledge Creation
Applied research on issue related to climate change, framework convention and protocol
4 Impact Assessment of Climate Change
4 Mitigation Measures in Different Sectors
4 Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation to Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
Operational research on
4 Development of methodologies for development, approval, monitoring, verification and certification of Climate Change Mitigation Projects (CCMPs)
4 Sustainable development through CCMPs, an important concern for developing countries
4 Analysis and documentation of worldwide experiences on various market based mechanisms for climate change mitigation

The beneficiaries of Climate Change Centre activities are of two type - one who can afford to pay and the other who can't, for the services provided. The first category of clients are generally from the industries and the second category of clients are farmers, community etc. who need capacity building support for increasing their resilience to cope with adverse impacts of climate change.

Our Major Achievements
Generated large-scale awareness among different sections of stakeholders that can be evinced in:
4 a proactive approach of the Government of India on climate change and measures taken to set up an enabling environment for implementation of GHG mitigation projects
4 the preparedness of the Indian industries to extract benefits from climate change deliberations.

Developed tools and techniques for development, validation, monitoring and verification of climate change mitigation projects.

Developed a pipeline of climate change mitigation projects from the small scale sector, particularly the renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Established networks with various Indian and International financial institutions.

Projects done with following partners:

4 USAID, CIDA, CDM & JI Office Canada etc.
4 IISD, SEI Boston, IIED, NET, Pew Centre on Climate Change, Winrock International etc.
4 PA Consulting Group, The Louis Berger Group, Inc., Business Associations
4 CERUPT, BC Hydro, International Finance Corporation, WB PCF, STEM etc
4 MoEF, MNES etc.
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